Guiding people on their path to self-sufficiency by providing employment and job readiness services.

Guiding people on their path to self-sufficiency by providing employment and job readiness services.


Uplift Northwest, a non-profit based in Seattle, functions as a staffing organization supplying thousands of workers to diverse commercial and residential employers across the Puget Sound Region. Our mission revolves around serving the community by offering job training, dignified work opportunities, and support services to individuals facing poverty and homelessness. This vital operation is sustained through the generous support of our community donors and partners, along with private and public grants, and earned revenue streams.


In line with the ethos of our founder, Martin Johanson, back in 1921, we hold firm to the belief that employment offers not just a job, but hope and stability. In the Puget Sound Region, numerous individuals grapple with poverty and homelessness, and we firmly believe that offering dignified employment is a crucial step towards revitalizing and fostering a thriving community.


Our program prioritizes guiding individuals toward self-sufficiency. In 2023 alone, Uplift Northwest's Staffing Agency served 1,174 people, collectively earning over $4.9 million in wages. For those facing homelessness and poverty, these earnings signify the difference between hunger and homelessness and providing stability for their families. Over the past years, hundreds of Uplift Northwest workers secured permanent job placements and housing referrals, potentially saving tens of millions in taxpayer-funded public services.

Uplift Northwest got me a job, and they helped me out with food, work clothes, a shower, and laundry. It’s the best temporary job agency I’ve ever seen.

- Jaelyn


Uplift Northwest has been helping people find jobs since my father’s time. They are changing lives with their jobs program by helping people truly help themselves.

– Michael Malone


We need to provide opportunities for people to build better lives. We want to help people who have been struggling to have steady employment and the satisfaction of a job well done, and to improve neighborhood quality of life for everyone. [King County’s partnership with Uplift Northwest in White Center-clean-up] is a pilot, and I hope that it will provide lessons that can be deployed throughout unincorporated King County and beyond.

- Dow Constantine, King County Executive


In 2023, the City of Seattle began contracting with Uplift NW to assist with Mayor Harrell’s One Seattle Graffiti Plan and the Downtown Activation Plan. Uplift NW has not only been extremely instrumental and doing great work with graffiti abatement throughout our city, but the partnership has also helped provide livable wage jobs and services to people who need this type of support, helping them build better lives. This has been very fulfilling to be part of.

Paul Jackson, City of Seattle


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