Uplift Northwest is on a mission to provide dignified jobs and job-readiness services to people experiencing poverty and homelessness in the Puget Sound Region. Our time-tested staffing operation provides motivated workers to hundreds of employers across a wide variety of industries.

Uplift Northwest has operated continuously in Seattle since 1921. We connect people with life-changing job opportunities, and our staffing operation provides employers with dependable, flexible, and affordable staffing solutions. Please call us today to see how we can best meet your staffing needs.

Our workers can be hired for both residential and commercial jobs in industries like:

Food Service
Food Prep
Litter Abatement/Sanitation
Leaf Removal
and more!

Uplift Northwest provides all support services to our workers free of charge. They receive job training, work uniforms, transportation passes, work certifications, showers, laundry, career coaching, access to housing, eye care, and more.

Our community partners provide meals, medical, dental, and cell phone services to our workers, as well. We rely on donations, grants, and support from our community partners to keep empowering individuals out of poverty and homelessness into stability. By hiring a worker or donating, you are helping a person move in the direction of the life they envision.


Providing dignity, hope and a vision for the future

At Uplift Northwest, we welcome everyone to apply to our job program where they can receive job-readiness tools and dignified work opportunities without fear of judgment. We’re here to serve those seeking opportunity, and we will work together, one on one, to draw a clear roadmap to meet the goals they hope for their life. We welcome people of all genders, races, ages, religions, identities, and experiences because diversity brings value to our community, and we’re committed to creating a thriving community for all.

Uplift Northwest is proud to partner with the Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) to provide outreach and education about Seattle’s labor standards. If you would like to learn more about OLS please contact OLS at 206-256-5297 or visit the OLS website at